5 Signs it’s time to yell for Social Media “HELP!”

Social Media is here to stay. A few people are rocking it, many seem to be catching on and you? You simply aren’t sure most days. Here are five signs that it may be time for your business to call in the professionals.

You post the bare minimum.

Your mom told you that “you need a Facebook page”, so you got one. Then your best friend said “hey, aren’t you on Twitter yet?”, you signed up.  At a business network meeting, someone said: “all the cool kids are on Instagram these days”. Okay, you got that too. Every once in a while you get motivated and have a great picture or an exciting piece of news, so you gleefully post and wait…nothing. Your business is doing well and you are crazy busy, but you know you should be connecting. Weeks later you repeat again and you can’t figure out why nobody sees your stuff. The internet must be broken!

Oops! You made a doozy of a mistake.

You thought you did everything right but you missed a step or didn’t know about a rule, or worse yet…you’re the boss and you have no rules for your company! Ouch, this is a tough one to come back from. You wish you had paid more attention because this is going to be costly.

You are frozen in time.

Five years ago you went to a great conference and someone taught you how to USE Social Media. Gave you all the current tricks and you have been dutifully doing ‘all the things’ since then. Unfortunately, you haven’t looked up in a while. As you were building your empire, some…okay, ALL of those rules have changed and grown around you. Now you are so far behind, you may as well be sending out SOS signals.

Promotion is your middle name!

Social Media is awesome because it’s FREE. You learned how to share everything from a single post on Facebook and send it out to Instagram and Twitter in one fell swoop! Every single sale you have going on makes it to your social media. You love that you can just take a quick picture of a poster and put it up on all your channels. Your parent company sends you pre-made materials that are super easy to share, share, share! You are totally in the game- except you aren’t because people aren’t following you & you suddenly realize you are advertising to yourself…and maybe your mom.

It feels like no one is listening.

And you are right. You are posting without a plan, without the current best practices and you are seeing zero to little growth. Social Media followers don’t always have to travel like a rocket, but a steady increase in your community shows a healthy relationship. Yours has been feeling under the weather for a while now.


If you answered YES to any of the above, it’s time for your friendly neighbourhood Social Media Strategist to step in! Most companies offer a variety of services to help you create a healthy Digital Marketing Plan. There is always the option to hire an in house person to do your social, a word of caution, ensure that they are more than just enthusiastic about their own “Snapchat streaks”. Social designed for business is an entirely different ballgame, my friend!

A few common options:

  • One on one training sessions for you, to get you up to snuff in the world of what is happening now & what is best practice within your industry. Often, team members can design a content calendar for you to follow and use as a guide on where and when to post.
  • The creation of a full Social Media Policy Manual for your company. Do you have all of the policies laid out for how each member of your team handles Social, both professionally and privately?  Do you have anything in place if it is misused? So many frustrating situations can be avoided by having those discussions ahead of time.
  • Corporate training session. A social agency can come in and work with your team, so you can rest assured that your brand is being represented the way you need it to be.
  • If you are simply too busy to spend another minute on Social Media because you are having too much fun doing what you do best, an agency can come in and manage your social for you. Ensure that they spend time and effort in an onboarding process where they really get to know you. They should investigate what is important to you and what your values are as a company. Many companies are managed by outside agencies, it doesn’t have to be a disconnect. In fact, it is a bonus, when a team with a social focus, devises new and innovative ways to promote your brand that you may never have thought of.

Interview a few companies and see who feels like a good fit. Remember Social Media is not FREE, it needs to be carefully designed to work FOR you, not the other way around.

Get out there and BE SOCIAL!  Your customers are looking for you. Email today for a free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit. deidre@getamped.ca














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