What is all this Social Media nonsense?!

As far as this company goes, I’ve only been in business for a couple months…nine to be exact. The comparison works because this sure feels like my baby.

The conversation usually goes something like this.

“Oh, so what do you doooo?”

“I design social media connections for small business.”

“FUN! So you get to play on Facebook all day!”

“Sure, and much more…we actually….”

“Yeah, well my business doesn’t really NEED social media.”

I don’t argue anymore because many months ago I refined my ideal client to someone who VALUES social media as an integral part of their marketing. It’s cool…you don’t need it? I’ve decided I don’t need to pitch it. I will share a few things that “real” businesses often neglect in their consideration of Social.

It isn’t a matter of IF your business needs it, the question should be WHERE?

Much frustrations stems from the huge time suck that social becomes. I get it…I mean, I play on Facebook ALL day right? Essentially if you are a forward thinking business, you need to be ‘tool agnostic”. Don’t marry any ONE platform. If your people are there, by all means develop it, knowing it could be gone tomorrow. My Space anyone?

You do NOT need to be everywhere! If you are a medium sized local business, one or two platforms with a sincere attempt at connections..is enough. Choose wisely, be discerning but don’t ever allow yourself to think that one platform is the ‘be all-end all’.

Social Media is NOT a newspaper ad insert!

It’s been said, but clearly not heard. If you are using social ONLY for the ask…ask…ask…ask…you are right in saying that it won’t work. I like to imagine my online community as a small town. Where people know each other, value some opinions and are sceptical of others. But it is an open system, where the opinions of other humans matter and where conversations lead to decisions. It’s a throwback to days when you knew the person who owned every store.

Social is the place where you can share what you have, how you work, what your vibe is AND those people who want THAT can find you! Stay current, share valuable information, be there for your clients, the connections hold the power. Like Jay Baer posted the other day on Twitter… “TRUST, not content, is King”. Brilliant.

It’s not just about attracting new business!

Maybe your industry isn’t bent towards the social…it’s a small, elusive, incredibly specific “thing”…why bother? Have you considered the very near future when you have lost two key members of your team? How will brilliant minds who are seeking a new opportunity find YOU? Is your company attracting like-minded, forward-thinking individuals?

Is your business family owned and been holding the keys to the castle for years? ‘Everyone’ knows you, you are well connected…biggest Yellow Page ad ever! What about the new Global economy, where foreign investors are moving into your turf at light speed and if you don’t exist online…

You. Don’t. Exist.

Social Media is tough, it’s an entirely different animal. But I love it because it works best when it’s honest, heart felt and human. Don’t miss out on incredible connections for your business, simply because you think ‘It’s not for me…”.

“Never compromise yourself-you are all you’ve got.”

Janis Joplin



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